Monday, July 11, 2011

SUPER embarrasing.

Okay, I have been dreading this first post for one reason only...BEFORE PICTURES. I mean, really, who enjoys posting terrible pictures of themselves?! I just keep telling myself "You have to start somewhere." How will I know how far I've come if I don't document the beginning? So, with that said, here are my P90X day one pictures...
Starting weight: 142 lbs.

Since I am nursing, I can't follow the program's dietary guidlines exactly, but I am doing my best to create healthy meals and having healthy snacks between meals. Here is what I had for lunch today. It was really good! It's a good thing I like veggies and chicken because I think I will be eating a lot of them.

Tonight I will be doing my first work-out, chest and back and ab ripper. I will post again tonight to let you know it goes!

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  1. That just does not seem like enough food for a nursing mama! But you would know better than me. Good Luck tonight!