Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yoga and Kenpo

Yoga. Oh man, I love yoga. When I am struggling to stay in those funky positions, I often wonder "why the heck am I doing this?!" then the workout ends and I seriously feel like a million bucks. I won't lie though, the P90X yoga DVD is an hour and a half long. I only do about 45 minutes to an hour of it. The moving, hard part is the first 45 minutes and then its a bunch of balance poses, that quite honestly, I don't have time for. I do love that glorious first hour though.
Kenpo. This is by far my very favorite P90X workout. It is a butt kicking good time and the hour goes super fast. Don't you love it when working out is so fun, the time flies, and somehow you end up all sweaty? Love it.
The next two weeks consist of the same workouts I have done this week, so I will posting sporatically as I feel I need or want to. Keep following! Keep me motivated!

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  1. Annie you can do it! That's awesome that you do yoga. I don't think I've ever done yoga for more than ten minutes. I just don't have the patience. But I should try again. And I'll have to check out kenpo. All I've ever really done is plyo!